Wednesday, May 29, 2024

Battle Armor He-Man (New Eternia/Masterverse)

The New Eternia Concept is a fun extension of Masters of the Universe. Based on a blend of concept art and more mature takes on the characters, we're able to get some neat new twists on some classic designs. Masterverse is a nicer MOTU figure line in that coveted 6" scale so many toy collectors love these days and the perfect outlet for these cool figures. Battle Armor He-Man takes the classic Battle Armor and adds a Celtic or Nordic slant to the design. This plays well as they've also made He-Man more mature looking with a beard, clearly representing an older version of the character. Like other New Eternia figures, you can remove the additions to create a more traditional version of He-man if you choose. The packaging's included text creates a fun scenario of this toy of He-Man on an adventure. It's definitely fun to give the armor a reason fictionally.

The Battle Armor has exchangeable plates to recreate the original toy's gimmick without any springs. There's also extra armor pieces and a cool new shield design that's seen some battle. Of course the extra hands, which is a requirement for this sort of toy. Then there's the Power Sword and Axe. I feel the axe fits this look a lot more. The shield can be worn on his left arm via a peg, or mounted on his back. There's a little dagger that can be stored in He-Man's boot. It's a small thing, but I always appreciate when it's included. I believe there's 30 points of articulation, great for all sorts of dynamic poses. This is a great figure of He-Man and I really enjoy the New Eternia series. It's a cool concept that makes for some neat looks for the characters. I was fortunate enough to score this one on clearance off the Walmart app and with some saved rewards points he worked out to be only $2. To be fair, it's really hard to find anything to complain about when you get it for $2. However he really is a cool toy. He has the power and a neat outfit as well.

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