Friday, May 31, 2024

Autobot Chase (Legacy United/Deluxe Class)

Legacy sure is a fun line. Updated Transformers characters from the various settings in the Transformers universe, what's not to love? Chase is from Rescue Bots, a show and toy line meant for toddlers and small children. Of course adult fans found it fun as it's pretty cool on it's own right. Like all Legacy figures, Chase has been made to fit in with more traditional looking Transformers toys while still retaining his character traits. It's a good looking toy. Chase's design really works well as a standard looking Transformer. I was impressed with first seeing him online, but after opening him up as a birthday present from the Mrs, I was even more enamored with him.

Chase transforms into a Police car, similar to Prowl, but very different looking. Chase has a mostly blue color scheme and his car is more of a muscle car. In robot mode, Chase has a very characterful design. The car's roof forms his chest creating a more stocky look. His helmet resembles a Police officers cap. For weapons, Chase has side mounted sirens in vehicle mode that form blaster looking weapons in robot mode. He also has a capture claw weapon with removable pincers. The pincers can be held as hooks or attached to the siren weapons. With pincers removed, the base of the capture claw becomes a double barrel blaster. Chase is a very good looking toy and the blue (which came out much darker in picture) really sets him apart from other Police Transformers.

Transformation is mostly easy, I say mostly as there was a little trouble maneuvering parts into place. The way his hip folds is easy to do wrong and can lead to accidentally separating from the upper half of his body. Fortunately it snaps right back together. A little wrangling with my big hands later and Chase is now a cool looking Police car. The claw weapon can mount on the back windshield and the whole thing looks sleek. This is a cool looking toy, it's impressive that the character's roots were such a simple little thing. That's the magic of a good design, it can be applied in a variety of styles. Chase is a great addition to the Legacy ranks and it's great to see characters from the broader Transformers Universe getting additional light shined on them. Hopefully it's a sign of more homages of similar things in the future.

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