Friday, April 19, 2024

Thorium Weaponeer (Battle Tribes/Weaponeers of Monkaa)

Finishing up out look at the Micronaut themed Battle Tribes wave 32 is Thorium Weaponeer, whom is a Weaponeers of Monkaa mold. I was quite fond of Weaponeers of Monkaa figures so this was an extra treat. Thanks to his appearance, Thorium looks like many different Micronaut/Microman robots. Due to his variety of interchangeable parts you can really come up with a variety of looks. Of course the main point of this figure is it's alt mode as an Thorium Orbiter vehicle. The set comes with additional parts in order to make this work. They're from a Restructor Combat Pack weapons set, so they make look familiar to other Weaponeers fans.Transformation is a task of taking everything apart and reassembling.

If you're used to Glyos, you already know it'll be hard on your fingertips. Ouch. Once assembled, the Orbiter can be rode by most Battle Tribes figures. It's obviously perfect for the Micronaut/Microman styled ones... but hey, I'm sure anyone would look great on it. Those old Micronaut/Microman robots are one of the forefathers of Transformers and being the 40th anniversary of Transformers... I want to spend some extra time this year looking at the foundation of Optimus and his friends. I think this Battle Tribes wave did a great job of homaging Micronauts and Microman, which is one of the building blocks to what we know as Transformers today.

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