Tuesday, April 23, 2024

Decepticon Mohawk (Studio Series/Core Class)

Mohawk was one of the very cool looking Decepticons from Transformers: The Last Knight whom sadly didn't get a whole lot of screen time. Thanks to Studio Series, he FINALLY gets a toy (it's been 7 years since the movie) in the Core Class scale. Mohawk is a wild looking dude with his mohawk, bugged out eyes and giant toothy mouth on a skeletal frame. Admittedly, the skeletal frame is pretty on brand for smaller movie Decepticons, but it really ads to the overall look here. In the movie he's also got things like cutlery and spray paint cans strapped to him. I don't outright see that here, but there's still various sharp points abundant and spots of green paint applied. Is that a vest? He's either a member of Alien Sex Fiend or a Bosozoku. Maybe both.

In true Michael Bay Transformers fashion, Mohawk turns into an very expensive motorcycle. Because nothing says disguise better than a vehicle you don't see often. Regardless, it's a cool looking bike that fits his design. Mohawk is fairly well articulated (his mouth moves y'all) and comes with a big knife. The knife is from his concept art and not used in the movie, but looks really cool. He can hold it or it can mount to his waist or on the motorcycle. Transformation is pretty easy and can be done quickly without a lot of cursing. I'm not sure if another toy could ride him like the Studio Series Junkions and don't really see how one would fit. Mohawk is a fun toy of a cool little menace. I was happy to see the little freak in my Easter Basket courtesy of the Mrs. The Transformers movies have some pretty creative designs sometimes and he's definitely one of them.

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