Monday, March 4, 2024

Prepare for Week

Welcome to another new week here on Zone Base! I hope everyone had a great weekend! I spent mine doing a mix of housework Saturday and struggling with allergies Sunday! I managed to get some early Easter shopping done and enjoyed my weekly bubble milk tea while watching paranormal videos! With my birthday and Toylanta coming in the next few weeks, I've been holding off buying very much stuff. I did order Demon Dart BB-32 for some Beastbox fun however. I'm hoping to get a new episode of Transform Squadron out within the next few weeks. Between wanting to set up a new recording setup and mentally stretched out... it just hasn't happened yet. I haven't abandoned it, promise! After some annual routine medical testing this week, I'm hoping my mental space will be open enough to get some recording done. Thank you all for continuing to read Zone Base. I'll be renewing the domain soon and that'll mean this is fully the 8th year of the site! Well, officially. It was in 'under construction' status for a little longe. If you like what I'm doing, thanks! Please share the site with your friends and mutal high fives all around!

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