Wednesday, March 27, 2024

Gary Grooberson with Pukey (Frozen Empire/Fright Features)

Getting back to our look at the Frozen Empire Fright Features figures is Gary Grooberson! Gary is Phoebe and Podcast's teacher from Afterlife who was a fan of the Ghostbusters that was all but ready to join the team and date Callie (Trevor and Phobe's mom). Gary was played by Paul Rudd, who felt like a really natural choice for Ghostbusters. I kinda want to pair this figure up with my Toony Terrors Michael Myers so the two can have a rematch. Gary is your standard Hasbro Fright Features figure. There's nothing really new to talk about with him other than it's good to see him as a figure... I liked Gary. This feels natural. I do wish these newer Fright Features toys had more life outside of a movie release. I'd love to see variations of them like the original Kenner toys.

This Gary figure would be a natural Ecto-Glow Heroes release. Gary has the standard Proton Pack accessory and comes packaged with Pukey. Pukey is a newer ghost and a Class V. Full Roaming Vapor like Slimer. Pukey appears in Frozen Empire and has a variety of merchandise on the way. I'm looking forward to seeing him on screen as I enjoy his Ecto-Stretch toy. As an Ecto-Stretch ghost, Pukey can be pulled or mashed around or placed over a Ghostbusters head for Ecto-Stretch fun. He's a cool looking ghost and like Slimer is oddly sculpted kinda scary compared to Gary. Not complaining about that! Gary and Pukey make for a fun release and have me gearing up more for the new movie. Which by the time your reading this will be out. I'm holding off seeing it until this following weekend in a double feature with Godzilla X Kong: The New Empire on my birthday during my Empire of Old weekend. Waiting that week will feel like an eternity.

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