Monday, February 12, 2024

Open up Monday and see what's Inside!

It's Monday Zone Base readers and time to get this week started. My weekend went by much to fast and I've been spending this rainy morning napping as a result. The Mrs and I didn't do too much this weekend, but did get some shopping done and celebrated my brother's birthday by eating dinner with the family. I spent some quality time with my Switch and discovered Microsoft Treasure Hunt on my laptop. What a fun little game! Toy pick ups were light, though the Mrs did pick up a few more for my upcoming birthday that I have to forget I saw. For Transformers, I got Earthspark Deluxe Optimus Prime and Flipchanger Breakdown. I only need the Deluxe Starscream to have that size class completed (so far) and I definitely have the Flipchanger class completed (so far). Earthspark has another season coming and I'm looking forward to it. The show is now airing in Japan and I hope to see whatever supplemental material they come up for it. To me, it's perfect for a Transformers Adventures style line. 

My Mom also suprised me with another Rescue Bots Optimus Primal. I already have it, but think my desk at work could use one. I know the current 'kiddy' TF line isn't called Rescue Bots anymore... but it's what I think when I see them. Mom also got me a King Kong she had picked up from a thrift store. It's a neat large figure from the Godzilla vs Kong line that I don't have. Speaking of Godzilla and Kong, I grabbed another blind box and got another Skar King. Dammit. I found the Masterverse Pig-Head on clearance for $10, so not bad for a weekly MOTU fix. Not to be outdone, I also got a cool Godzilla t shirt. Lastly I picked up a Bikkuriman from a local candy shop. They didn't have any Angels vs Demons packs, but did have the JuJutsu Kaisen ones. Not sure who the character on the sticker is (I haven't watched the show yet), but appreciate the local availability. Well, I suppose it's time to get the week started. Thank you for reading Zone Base. I have a fun week planned, don't forget to share the site with your friends. Mutal high fives everyone!

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