Friday, February 9, 2024

Nova Prime (Legacy: Evolution/Leader Class)

Nova Prime is a former Prime who lost his way and became a very bad guy that resides in the Dead Universe. Instead of the 'Autobot Matrix of Leadership', he wields 'The Darkness'- an evil counterpart of the famed magic relic. Wielding The Darkness transformed him into another variation of Nemesis Prime and into a really powerful being. It goes without saying he'd be pretty awesome looking. This cool new figure of Nova Prime was another Christmas gift from the Mrs and dang it is impressive. The toy is based on his appearance from the Transformers: Devastation video game. I really like that as not only was I a fan of that game, but I'm more of a cartoon guy than a comic guy and Devastation is more cartoon flavored. 

Nova Prime is a retool and repaint of the Siege Galaxy Upgrade Optimus Prime toy. That toy was a retool and repaint of the Siege Ultra Magnus. All were toys I really liked and using it as a base for this figure really works. It's a mixture of that traditional Transformers 'big important guy' design and Super Robot looks. Nova Prime feels more like a prestigious award than an action figure and definitely a more premium item than your standard fare. I'm legitimately proud to own this. 

Nova Prime transforms from armored truck to robot mode via parts forming. The trailer separates allowing the cab to form his standard mode robot mode. This is similar to the original Powered Convoy toy and the idea has been replicated in most Ultra Magnus and Optimus Prime with super mode toys ever since. I absolutely love it's use here as I'm a fan of this style of Transformer and appreciate a bad guy Convoy using it. The trailer pieces can be re-arranged into armor for Nova Prime's super mode which makes him much larger, more imposing, and extra badass. Super mode has big guns, big wings, and a much grander look over all. He looks awesome. I'm mostly gushing about this toy because that's my honest take away. It's IMPRESSIVE and COOL. I also like the white color pattern for such an evil character, especially an evil Prime. It's a nice contrast and not as predictable as an all black deco. Sometimes if you want darkness, you've got to portray it brightly. Nova Prime has a cool 'Evil Knight' appearance and this figure just represents that well. I can't say enough good things about it... it's awesome. 

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