Wednesday, January 24, 2024

Godzilla '57 Silver Screen (Godzilla ReAction)

One really cool aspect of the Godzilla ReAction line is all the deep dives they do with the figures. Super7 always makes neat special editions and their Blind Box Godzilla figures really digs in. In the regular carded line is a figure of Godzilla '57. There's two special versions of that in the blind box series, today we're looking at the 'Silver Screen' version of the figure. As you can see, Godzilla is colored as he would appear projected onscreen in a black and white movie. What makes this '57 figure a deeper dive is that he represents a version of Godzilla from an unmade movie. The Volcano Monsters was a planned American made sequel to Godzilla, King of the Monsters. The movie would have used footage from Godzilla Raids Again combined with new footage to create a separate movie.

Toho assisted in this effort by making new suits of Godzilla and Anguirus for filming additional scenes. The suits looked a little different from the orignal ones used for Godzilla Raids Again, being hand made that tends to happen. The monsters would not have went by name on screen and instead would have been portrayed as dinosaur like monsters that were preserved in the volcano from the movies title. Those dinosaur like monsters would have awakened in modern times and wreck havoc.

The production company for The Volcano Monsters went out of business during production and instead Gigantis, the Fire Monster was made from the existing Godzilla Raids Again footage. Whatever happened to the suits is a mystery, but the Godzilla suit was named Gigantis Godzilla in various publications and merchandise like this toy. So you see, this little figure of Godzilla is pretty neat. The toy alone without all the history is pretty cool on it's own. The ReAction figure format really suits kaiju, making for a nice smaller toy. Trust me, kaiju toys can get BIG and take up A LOT of space. Thankfully the Mrs got me a bunch of these for Christmas. The sculpting is really well done. Godzilla has about 6 points of articulation (legs, shoulders, head and tail), what you'd expect from this type of figure. He's one of the more common figures in the Blind Box line, which is fitting being the main character and all. I'm really happy with it overall. How could I not be?

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