Wednesday, February 14, 2024

Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar (Godzilla ReAction/Super 7)

Godzilla Island is a crazy place. With all the monsters with their heat rays causing a ruckus or the Xiliens creating chaos with their random schemes... sometimes things catch fire. Thank goodness Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar is here to help control the flames of madness! Fire Fighter Jet Jaguar is yet another variant of Godzilla's robot ally that appeared on the Godzilla Island show and in the Super 7 Godzilla ReAction Blind Box series! A series of which I found many waiting for me in my Christmas stocking thanks to my beautiful wife! The super solid ReAction figure of Jet Jaguar is cast in solid red with a touch of black bringing G-Guard's inferno battling robot to life! Once again Jet Jaguar in the styling of an old school Kenner Star Wars figure really works and just looks fabulous in the red!

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