Wednesday, January 3, 2024

IronBlood and Loyal Heart BB-54 (BeastBox)

2023 was the year of the Rabbit, so it was only natural that this twin set of BeastBox Rabbits would be released. It feels fitting to welcome in 2024 with a look back at 2023. Like I just said and as you can see, this is a twin set of rabbits. I think Ironblood is the black one, while Loyal Heart is the white and pink one. I say that fully admitting that I'm not completely sure... but I think it's fairly obvious. Though the pink one being named Iron Blood would be pretty awesome. The rabbits are identical aside from colors and are very articulated. It's a lot of fun moving all their little parts around and putting them in a variety of poses.

There is an additional carrot gun available for the set in various special versions or if you'd be able to track down an individual release. I don't currently have that, but it'd be fun to incorporate with the two. Transformation isn't very hard... but did take a bit of getting everything just right. The two combine into one box, and I found myself fiddling a bit. Your mileage may vary. Regardless it's a cool little box once done and fits easily into their Box Charger. The Box Charger is red with gold lettering to commemorate the Year of the Rabbit. It's a nice touch and makes for a really cool presentation. This is just a great little set.

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