Friday, January 19, 2024

Autobot Hot Rod (Retro Series)

Like Hound, Hot Rod is another reissue of a classic G1 toy in cartoon accurate colors. This is a little extra special as G1 Hot Rod/Rodimus Prime toys have never been accurate to the 1986 movie. Instead of the dark reds we're all used too, Hot Rod was a more pinkish color in the film. With this release we've got a toy that nails that color scheme down pretty accurately. This is a special kind of toy as it's a 'finally' type of moment. Despite all sorts of Masterpieces and various updates... nobodies ever made what folks have been clamoring for. Pink Hot Rod. It's only fitting that when they've finally made one, it's the original toy. This is one of those neat moments that happen as a fan.

One thing I'm really thankful for is the lack of stickers. Not that I think they normally don't look good, it's just the paint and tampographs look amazing. That and regular G1 Hot Rod has these thigh stickers that always catch on his car knees when transforming... I've always hated that. Though the many reuses and recasts of this mold is showing. Hot Rod has some loose joints and that's... a little sad. I don't know how much work they're willing to put into maintaining this old toy mold. There's eventually going to be a point when it's retired or newer fixed toolings are going to start getting worse. I particularly like the almost pealescent white used for his dual guns and exhaust pipes. They really stand out from the brightness of the pink. This is a very BRIGHT toy that almost glows. I don't think they meant to hint at those Toxitron Collection colors when homaging the original movie Hot Rod... but they kinda did. This is a special toy. I would have expected this at a much higher price and exclusive to some higher ticket event. 

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