Friday, December 1, 2023

Richochet BB-35 (BeastBox)

Ricochet is one of the coolest BeastBox toys made. Hands down... or hands up as she's a boxing kangaroo! Wherever your hands are, watch out because she's ready to throw some. Like I said, Ricochet is a kangaroo. This allows for a favorite gimmick of mine, the partner figure! Kangaroo's are marsupials and she comes packing a baby Roo! Little Mini Ricochet stores neatly in her pouch. The pouch can be opened for the little robot baby to poke it's head out or just be taken out for adventure!

If that's not enough features for you, Ricochet includes removable boxing gloves and goggles. You'll need to removes these when transforming into box mode, but there's plenty of room for them in the Box Charger. Ricochet also features a pair of missile launchers that can be aimed. Due to their location on her hips, I tend to imagine Mini Ricochet controls them from his pouch battle station. I REALLY like Ricochet's colors. That shade of orange just works on mecha animals. I have others with similar colors and love it. When explaining just how cool these toys are to folks not in the know, this is a great example of the line. Awesomely imaginative, creative, and a lot of fun. 

Despite how many people ask me if the boxing gloves are coffee cups.

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