Wednesday, December 27, 2023

Detritus (Legacy: Evolution/Deluxe Class)

Detritus is one of those Transformers characters that means something to me for reasons I can't fully explain. To begin with, I've always been a Hound fan. Classic cartoon Hound to be specific. In 2004, Takara re-issued G1 Hound in their Book style series in which I bought that immediately. I still have my childhood one, but it was nice to have a complete Hound again. Hopefully I can find that Walmart exclusive version of the G1 toy as well. Love Hound. Well, around that time e-Hobby was running exclusives based off most of the Takara reissues. These would often be brand new G1 characters using original molds.  Sometimes they'd be based off Diaclone versions or take inspiration from other sources. It's probably pretty easy to guess I was quick to snatch up one made from the Hound toy mold.

Detritus was based on a desert colored variation of a military Jeep that really looked good. He was a new character and with a name like was obviously a Junkion! At the time, there wasn't many Junkion toys. Only G1 Wreck-Gar specifically. The Junkions have always had a cult following with many Transformers fans, so this was very welcome. Adding to Detritus's coolness was that he was a Mercenary! That wasn't very commonplace back then either. Detritus was a Junkion who left the planet and took up arms dealing. Working for whomever paid him and would eventually side up with whatever group won. His ultimate goal? Take over the Junkions! Dang! We got a new bot that was full of character, not bad for a straight repaint. Detritus also saw life in Takara's incarnation of Power Core Combiners as a repaint of Mudslinger. I hope to get that eventually.

This new toy of Detritus from Legacy: Evolution is a bit of a weird one. The Siege Hound toy mold was heavily retooled into a fairly updated G1 accurate toy. The figure at some point will be released a Buzzworthy Bumblebee figure that I look forward to. This new Detritus figure is a repaint of that which has not came out yet. Whacky. I liked that Siege toy, but wasn't fond of transforming it. This version, however, I had no problems transforming. Either they made it easier somehow or I just got better at it. Regardless, it's a nice new figure of Detritus. Transformation was easy for me this time and both modes a really nice. The Jeep is very pleasant and the desert deco looks good. As a robot, Detritus is fairly articulated and has two guns that can be combined in a few ways into bigger weapons. You know, Evo-Fusion. I tried to mirror the original toy a little because I love those G1 shoulder rocket launchers. If there is anything to take issue with, the front hood portion of the Jeep does stand out a little extra. Not a deal breaker or anything, but it does seem a bit big. Regardless, this is a very good toy of a character I like quite a bit. It's got me excited for the eventual Hound toy as well. Whenever that comes out. 

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