Friday, November 17, 2023

Swindle (EarthSpark/1- Step Flip Changers)

Swindle is a fun addition to the EarthSpark series. Not just because Swindle is a generally fun character, but they homage an often forgotten about version of him. In Cybertron, Swindle and Hardtop were toys that shared a mold. Taking note of this, the characters were brothers. In EarthSpark, both characters are brothers again. I'd like to think that was an intentional homage. While the characters aren't twins, they've got similar colors to their Cybertron selves. Not to mention... I'm pretty sure they'd repaint this toy for a future Hardtop judging by other incidents. Not going to lie, this  toy would look great in those colors. Another neat thing about Swindle is, in the EarthSpark Expedition video game, the generic Mercenary enemy uses his CGI model. I'm also hoping for another repaint as that.

I should talk about this toy though, huh? It's a pretty good little figure of Swindle in Flipchanger form. Swindle transforms from robot to armored truck mode in a simple one step. Just push him forward and he'll spring loaded convert quickly. Or you can flip him in the air as the name would suggest. It's a simple toy meant for simple fun. Like other Flipchangers, Swindle has no articulation. The toy itself is it's gimmick. I like EarthSpark, but so far my plan for it's toy line has been to buy all the Flipchangers and Tacticons with the occasional Warrior or Deluxe Class. Legacy and Studio Series is the bulk of the Transformers toys where my attention is mainly focused currently. This is a good way to get the characters from EarthSpark and also feed into my love of these types of toys. I like Swindle's stockiness and colors (though the Takara version is more show accurate). This is just a neat little figure in a neat little sub-line from a neat little show. Neat little things are neat.

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