Friday, November 10, 2023

Prowl (Legacy Evolution/Deluxe Class)

Neatly enough, the Legacy Evolution Deluxe Class Prowl is his incarnation from Transformers Animated. Animated was a very fun show that had the misfortune of airing between the 2007 movie and it's 2009 sequel when the Transformers world was full on live action movie focused. The show certainly garnered a large following, but I've always felt got a little lost in all the attention the movies were getting at the time. In Animated, Prowl's character was quite different from the Prowl we're used to. He became more of a martial artist warrior as did Jazz. Instead of a Police car, he transformed into a Police motorcycle and featured mostly black color scheme as opposed to the traditional white and black. To my understanding, this design was based heavily on a California Highway Patrol motorcycle ala CHiPs. Like the Transformers Prime based toy in Legacy Prior, this Prowl toy is more traditional looking to fit in with other Generations figures while still homaging his Animated design. I like the results.

Like I said, Prowl transforms into a motorcycle. With recent motorcycle Transformers, I haven't particularly enjoyed the transformation much. Specifically the Legacy Prime Arcee mold that has gotten a lot of reuse lately (I've gotten them all but Flamewar). This time, however, it's no sweat. I just put everything where it was supposed to go and didn't curse once. Your mileage may vary. Prowl's throwing stars return and still store in vehicle mode as hubcaps. They of course unfold into the stars and can be easily held. This is his 'Evo-Fusion' according to the box... yeah. Prowl has quite a bit of articulation as he'd need a great deal of flexibility for martial arts. This is a really likable toy of a cool design and character. Animated is on regular rotation on the Transformers channel. I can imagine people recently discovering the show appreciating a version of the character more easily accessible. With the Animated Bumblebee and Optimus Prime on their way in Legacy Evolution, they'll have even more chances.

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