Tuesday, November 21, 2023

Dinobot Swoop (Legacy: Evolution/Core Class)

Swoop is one of the Dinobots that everybody loves. It's hard not to like him, he's just neat. Not to mention, I love Dinobots. This Swoop of course is another member of the Core Class Dinobots from Legacy: Evolution and forms the right arm of Volcanicus. Unlike the other members of the team, Swoop is much more like a standard Core Class figure with the standard amount of articulation you'd expect from the size. I guess that Pteranodon alt mode is more beneficial than you'd assume. Swoop isn't as blocky as the others. I don't mind that at all on them as they're members of a combiner team. However, it's refreshing here to have a figure that you'd never know was a combiner limb unless told otherwise. Swoop just feels like your standard Core Class figure.

Swoop does have the cool blaster that doubles as Volcanicus's fist like Scaar had. In this case though, it's a dual set of blasters that connect to form the hand. The smaller guns are more fitting for Swoop and also meld well into alt mode. This is a great little figure and hard to find anything to complain about. The Dinoking comparisons are impossible to ignore as Swoop would make a good Yokuryu. That blue and white color scheme would really pop on this toy, though I'd hope for a little remolding of parts. I'm having a fun time with this set. Volcanicus is a combiner I've grown quite fond of since his introduction despite my younger days of getting annoyed whenever someone would mistake the Dinobots for a combiner team. Volcanicus just has a certain super robot flair that makes him undeniable. A smaller version is definitely welcome and frankly quite fitting. It just feels right.

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