Friday, October 27, 2023

Skullgrin (Legacy/Deluxe Class)

The thing I hate most about skeletons is you can never tell when they're smiling.

Skullgrin is one of those bots I just like. So far, I've managed to get each one of his toys (that I know of) and plan to continue doing so. It's hard not to like this big skull headed  brute. His newest figure is an update to the original Pretender toy (of course) that's combining the originals shell and robot mode. Most modern Pretender updates do this and they really nailed it with Skullgrin. For whatever reason, his big mechanical body with random skulls just works.

The big old skull head is made of a softer plastic. This is probably for safety concerns and helps move it out of the way during transformation. His sword/gun weapons are also made of a similar plastic. Those can be held as a sword or a gun. Hence the wording. They can be attached to his upper arms as well, giving him arm sword laser things. The tank mode cannons mount either on his back or can be held as guns. If you're covered with skulls, having a lot of firepower is expected. 

A neat callback is the fists carved into those tank cannons. They draw back to the original toy for a cool big of design homage. Honestly, I'm pretty impressed by that little touch. I mentioned a tank, that's what Skullgrin turns into. It's very similar to the original toy tank mode, while being a lot beefier and more tank-y looking. One little neat bit is... Skullgrin's tail. It's silly, sure, but cool for the design. That tail turns into a seat for the tank! I'm pretty sure you could fit an Inchman style figure in there. Try it! I dare you! Those original Pretender alt modes are pretty simple, so fleshing them out more is a good idea. Skullgrin is decently articulated and is just a good toy. Like, I have nothing bad to say about him and that's not just because I have a thing for the character. They did a great job here. Transformation is good and I just can't find anything to complain about.That's awesome, and so is he.

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