Wednesday, October 11, 2023

Graveyard Geekz (series 1&2)

I love monsters, especially older kooky ones. I was pleased to find a dealer selling these wonderful Graveyard Geekz figures at Toylanta this year, . That's one great thing (among a million great things) about Toylanta, the embrace of indie toys. I sure do love them and the chance to find some newly discovered ones is great. Graveyard Geekz is a collaboration between White Elephant Toyz and Bentz Dolz whom both create some awesome figures in the style of Mego and other similar toys. They're super awesome and I really regret not grabbing some more stuff from their table at the show.

The Graveyard Geekz figures is a very cool set of monster mini figures cast in either green or orange. Series 1 is the orange Wolfman and Mummy while series 2 is the green Phantom of the Opera and White Elephant mascot. The Wolfman, Mummy, and Phantom are recreations of Tomland Mini Monsters originally released in the 70's. The White Elephant is a homage. It's really cool to see something like a old rack toy recreated so lovingly, the same guys have also done the dolls amazingly. White Elephant is one of the groups I see at Toylanta selling recreations of classic toy accessories and brand new ones in the same vein. That's really awesome. I've been holding off talking about the groovy ghoulies here since buying them in March. Obviously they're spooky season perfect.

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