Wednesday, September 13, 2023

Trick or 'healthy' Treat

When I was in elementary school, we were allowed to bring a 'healthy' snack for a scheduled snack time. Guess what constituted a 'healthy' snack accouring to the teacher? Fruit snacks and granola bars. While there definitely are some heahtly ones availible, a lot of the times they're just outright candy. Granola Dipps for example... that's a freaking candy bar. It's covered in chocaolate and full of caramel, peanut butter, honey, and chocolate chips. They could sell it next to Snickers and nobody would complain. Hell, they might sell more. It's only natural that they'd sell them as a potential treat to hand out at Halloween. Kids love them... they're really good. Not to mention 'healthy', as that box of candy alternatives in the trick or treat candy ailse at target would lead you too believe.

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