Tuesday, September 5, 2023

Tacticons Wave 2 (EarthSpark)

I enjoyed the first wave of Tacticons so much, that the surprise of seeing Wave 2 at Target a little while back was a very welcome one. Honestly, I wasn't aware that they'd be happening as I couldn't remember anybody saying anything. Of course not being from the more popular size classes that's to be expected. Wave 2 features Arcee, Hashtag, and a repeat of Bumblebee. Of course I already have Bumblebee, so I snatched up the two new figures. Like the ones before, these are simple and small 1 step transforming figures that can fit on your finger tip like a finger puppet. As silly as the premise sounds (and is) they're really satisfying little toys. If you're a fan of smaller Transformers like I am, these mentally fall into the category that Micromasters, Mini-Cons, World's Smallest, and Botbots fall into. They're not articulated unfortunately... but it's ok. They just are what they are.

Of the two, Hashtag is my favorite. I don't know how well it shows up in the amazing cell phone photography I do, but there's a great glitter sparkle in her purple colors. It looks really nice in person and I like her communication truck alt mode. Arcee turns into a 50's type car in EarthSpark and I do like it, but for some reason this toy makes me think of Galaxy High (for some reason) and I like that better. It's a neat alt mode. Thanks to their size and Arcee's silver helmet, I'm reminded of Diaclone drivers a little. They're a little bigger than a Micro Machine, but could work well in one of those play sets. You could make a neat little scene and post the picture to your Instagram. I'm sure it'd get plenty of likes. Hopefully there's more of these Tiny TF's on the way. They're just right to stick in a hoodie pocket and carry around with all day. Not everything needs a million points of articulation or a specific shelf to be displayed on. I keep my smaller ones in a plastic shoe box.

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