Friday, September 29, 2023

Override (Cybertron Speedia 500/Voyager Class)

Often with updates and homages to older figures, the design is improved. This makes for a better figure than the original in most cases. Override is a prime example of that when released as part of the Velocitron Speedia 500 Collection that I loved so very much. When the original toy released in Cybertron/Galaxy Force, I looked forward to the then new Override/Nitro Convoy leading me to actively hunt the figure. She was initially pretty hard to find (not knowing just a few months later she would be plentiful), finally tracking one down at Kohl's of all places. Unfortunately I didn't the toy as much as I wanted too. Her arms were pretty stubby against her seemingly too large upper body. Don't get me wrong, I got the GTS version and even used the toy for a custom Blaster figure. I didn't hate it at all, those proportions just irked me.

A lot more years later than if feels like, Override got an update as a new Voyager scale figure that improves on the original toy perfectly while still capturing that way cool design. Ironically, this figure was pretty hard me to find at first. After weeks of never finding her, thankfully I was gifted her and Cosmos (also hard to find) by my good friend Shawn. Being a Walmart exclusive, I don't think Kohl's would have came through again. A few weeks later she became more abundant and I ended up with another copy thanks to my Mom's habit of shopping the clearance aisles. I definitely don't mind having another one to keep in box as I love this figure. Those formally stubby arms and weirdly too large upper body are now perfectly portioned in a figure that I have nothing bad to say about.

Override transforms very easily, yet still has a great deal of articulation. Her Mach 5 inspired race car mode is pleasing to the eyes and the entire toy looks like the character just walked off my TV screen. This is the figure I wanted in 2005. Her blaster is still made from the cars engine and transforms from engine to gun simply, this time without the aid of a Cyber Planet Key. I've been told this toy is still compatible with one. That's neat. Personally, I was always a mixed bag about those. I thought they were cool looking, but was often annoyed with them generally in the way most of the time when plugged in. While I liked Cybertron, there was some issues that thankfully updates like Override eliminate. Override is a cool toy. I've always liked the design and colors. Now they're on a toy that's much better than the original. Awesome.

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