Wednesday, September 6, 2023

Leonardo (Mutant Mayhem)

We're at the end of our look at the new TMNT team from the Mutant Mayhem toy line. Since the past few posts used stock imagery, I figured I'd go out using it again. Go figure Michelangelo would be the uncouth one. Leonardo is the most disciplined of the bunch, which is why he's the leader and at odds with Raphael the majority of the time. While he's not as fun as Michelangelo (my favorite), I often find myself playing Leonardo in various TMNT video games. There's no denying his abilities when it comes to kicking shell and who doesn't like a good sword fighter? Like the three before him, Leonardo is very well articulated and full of character. He has a Charlie Brown-ish sly smile sculpted into his face.

This is displaying of little arrogance is something a teenage ninja would obviously have. His weapons, like Raphael, come cast in a silver plastic. I don't know if it was a conscious decision to make the more serious of the team share a set of colors, or just a group molding coincidence. Of course Leo has his trademark twin katana and a baby turtle. His weapon rack has a throwing star, slice of pizza (absolutely love this), and a canister of ooze. To fit his personality better, there's also some dirks and a familiar looking dagger. I'm quite happy with this set of turtles even though I've yet to see the new movie (waiting for streaming). They're surprisingly quality action figures with lots of articulation, lots of accessories, and tons of character. For $10 each... that's pretty radical.

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