Friday, September 1, 2023

Crashbar (Legacy Evolution/Deluxe Class)

There's not a lot of new characters these days in Transformers, so when there is one, it's usually pretty great. Crashbar is just that, a new character. Not just a new character, but a cool one at that. One of the new Junkions from Legacy Evolution, Crashbaris a spiky motorcycle straight from a post apocalyptic scene and I like it. Also, like other new Junkions, he can separate into pieces to combine with other toys. That's a super neat gimmick I've been enjoying since Siege, but these newer toys don't require separation for transformation. While I don't mind partforming, it is pretty neat. I've been told other toys can ride Crashbar in motorcycle mode, but haven't tried it myself. I do wonder if a Microman could as well. Crashbar is a little bigger than a Laser Cycle, but maybe it could work.

Crashbar had two big blasters for weapons. I've been told these are gravity cannons, though I'm sure would double as standard blasters in fiction. One of his motorcycle wheels can also detach and form a saw blade type weapon or shield. Not to mention two exhaust pipes that can be worn or used as melee weapons. I guess he's going to use the gravity guns to hold a Decepticon in place before beating them with the pipes. I really like Crashbar's expressive face. It really conveys that same swarmy charm Wreck-Gar has. That post apocalyptic pirate crew vibe the Junkions have is too cool to ignore. Makes for some cool punk rock types. Crashbar is a little smaller than your average Junkion, but I like it. This is a great figure full of articulation, weapons, and a fun gimmick. Not bad for a guy supposedly made of garbage.

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