Monday, August 14, 2023

New Week Robo

It's Monday and that means a new week here on Planet Zone! I hope you had a good weekend, mine was pretty hit or miss. I managed to assemble that new home office furniture for the Mrs. Not to mention my Toxitron arrived Saturday with Grimlock coming later this week. We got some Halloween Jibbitz for our Crocs and ordered new Hey Dude shoes. A trip to Five Below provided TF Micro Machines and a Jada Michelangelo to pair with my prior Raphael. I plan to complete the Jada mini figure TMNT team as well as the Mutant Mayhem set. Speaking of, got the Donatello from that series. 

On the crappy side, the SD card in my Q90 died. Meaning I'll have to make an all new one. That's something I should have done already knowing the cheap one packed with the Q90 wouldn't last long... but it was easy to forget about. Not to be outdone by a gaming inconvenience, some random car troubles popped up Sunday that'll require a trip to the dealership today. Not awesome. Here's hoping it's covered under some recent recalls so I don't get stuck with a big bill. From what I understand, it's related to them, so fingers crossed. 

Well, I've got some fun stuff in store for you all. Hope you're enjoying Halloween, because we're just getting started! Thank you all for reading. I really appreciate it and all I ask is that you share with your friends!

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