Wednesday, July 5, 2023

Spooky Summer~Don't order the Grimace Shake

This all started yesterday. I’m still in shock. Traumatized, even. Me and my friends went to McDonald’s. A little backstory, me and my friends just graduated college. It was hell. But we always loved McDonald’s. So we figured we should go. After all, we wanted to try the new Grimace Shake.

So we pull up to the first window, and grab our Grimace Meal. The meal itself, was fine. But the shake… After my friend, Kayla, tasted it. She was fine. We hung out for an hour. Kayla, and the rest of my friend group were staying the night at James’ place. I love James. He’s my best friend. I declined. I was way to damn tired to do anything.

I went home, and passed out. It was 1:00 AM, where it happened. 25 missed calls. 101 missed texts. “What the hell?!” I shouted. I looked at the voice messages James sent me. “Holy shit! David! Please help! He’s here! Oh shit! He’s coming!” It was followed by static, and screaming. “David! Grimace! He’s real. No! Leave me alone!” No more messages. Nothing. I contacted everyone else. They didn’t answer. I put on the news. “5 dead teens were found brutally murdered.” My heart sank. Grimace…did he really? Now, here we are. I’m still in shock. As I’m writing this, I feel Grimace watching me. Stalking me. He’s coming for me! Please! Send help! Help me! Grimace is a monster! He needs to be stopped! Whatever you do, don’t order the Grimace Shake!


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