Friday, July 21, 2023

Rhinox (Rise of the Beasts/Voyager

I've always liked Rhinox, it's hard not to. He's this really likable gentle giant who's also the smartest person in the room (not counting the events of Beast Machines). Being one of the robots from the new movie, he's getting plenty of toys. This is his Voyager figure from the 'main line' of Transformers Rise of the Beasts. It's pretty great. I know I've been saying that a lot regarding these, and that's because they are. To me anyway, you might think differently. That's ok. I'm not pretending to be the definitive opinion on anything. This is just mine, and I like these toys. Being a Voyager class figure, Rhinox is pretty large. He's a big guy, so he should be.

Rhinox is fairly articulated and well sculpted. Many of you might wonder why there's a mainline and Studio Series Voyager figure of the same character... and that's a fair question. The Studio Series is meant to be a collectors line, while this is a better fit for all ages. This Rhinox is a little more toyetic, his transformation is a little easier and has more 'fun' features. These features aren't some sort of play gimmick, but accessories. Rhinox has his twin Chain Guns of Doom and the beast mode horn can be used as a melee weapon or mounted on his shoulder. The guns can rotate and of course pay homage to classic Rhinox's famous weapons while the melee weapon is similar to the one his Transmetal version wielded. That's probably not an intentional homage, but I find these movie beast warrior designs similar to Transmetals. So that's a neat extra, even if accidental. 

The chain guns can mount on his beast mode's sides giving a pretty fun look to the rhino. In the movie, Rhinox has a big hammer... as does his Studio Series toy. Like I said, they made this version more toyetic... this is fun. Not to mention, I kinda like this better. It's got a little more character. If I did have a complaint, it's that Rhinox could use more color. However, it's a movie toy so... yeah. Despite that, Rhinox is a really fun figure. He's big and chonky, nut not a brick. There's plenty of play value with his various accessorizes and they store away nicely in beast mode. I haven't had much bad things to say about the toys from this movie, and the way things are going, won't. That's a pretty great thing.

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