Tuesday, July 11, 2023

Ironhide (Studio Series 86/Core Class)

It almost feels extra to talk about a toy of Ironhide from the 1986 movie again after the excellent Voyager version released last year. However, Hasbro is seemingly filling the ranks in Core Class as much as they can... and I'm not complaining. I enjoy the size class. Not to mention, with the Core Class Ratchet that came out last year as well... you knew it was coming. I'm not complaining about a fairly screen accurate and pleasant toy of a legacy character. I do find it funny that they've made specifically two different figures of a character from a kids movie where he basically said two lines and got killed in an insanely violent way. There's a reason why Institutionalized by Suicidal Tenancies resonates so well.

Like I said, Ironhide is a repaint/remold of Core Class Ratchet. A toy I like quite a bit and for technical opinions you should probably read that post. I'm mainly focusing on the changes this time. Thanks to his simple colors, Ironhide just looks completely right here in a lower priced figure. He has a new head mold that does a great job... I don't have anything bad to say. Like Ratchet, Ironhide has those twin pistols for that infamous shuttle scene. They can mount on his sides in vehicle mode. I really liked Ratchet, and as well as Ironhide. I've always been fond of these two and don't have anything bad to say.


  1. I love this IronHide and Ratchet. I wish they’d pump out a ton more Cores.

  2. By the way it’s Shawn. Glad you have the Facebook page.

    1. Yeah, Core Class is awesome. Thanks, hopefully one day we'll break 10 followers 😂


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