Monday, July 17, 2023

Fire beats Wood, Weekend beats Monday

It's one of those Mondays that I feel hung over. However that still means it's a new week on Planet Zone! Thanks to everyone for coming back. I've got some great content planned for all you readers. But before that, let's talk about what I did this weekend. Well, let me talk... hey weekend! Saturday the Mrs and I did quite a bit of Code Orange Halloween shopping. Home Goods, Joanne Fabrics, Michael's, and At Home all have a lot of Halloween merchandise available and dang we bought a lot.

That's not counting the Bath and Bodyworks pre spooky season sale on their site. They have launch day next Monday that we'll be attending. The early online event was fun, but nothing beats the in person experience. Speaking of the podcast, I didn't find any of the new Toxitron Transformers series. Hopefully soon. I was a big fan of the Velocitron Speedia collection last year, and this is a great follow up. I hope Walmart does something like this every year. 

Speaking of Transformers, I did find some new bots while out. Legacy Animated Universe Prowl as well as Core Class Skar and Swoop. That makes my collection of Core Class Dinobots a total of 3. Hopefully I won't have any problems getting the others. I really want to complete the new Volcanicus and love Dinobots. I ate more grocery store sushi and watched more spooky TV. It was a good weekend. 

Sunday started with a movie. The Mrs had gotten free tickets to The Sound of Freedom. We partially was curious if anything crazy would happen thanks to all the urban legends going on around the movie would happen. Allegedly showings get mysteriously shut down by various groups not wanting its message spread. No craziness, but it was a pretty good movie on its own. I love going to the theater, so no problem with a free one.

We spent the rest of the day doing household chores and watching other Code Orange shopping trips on YouTube. Mom came over for dinner Sunday evening and ordered us ice cream for dessert. Winner, winner... it was a chicken dinner! The Mrs is a good cook and made some good food. Currently I'm going back and forth from the Godzilla channel and watching videos on old Japanese computer games. I've actually got to be at work early today for a department meeting, so my mind is in preparation mode. I suppose it's time to get the week started, let's make this a good one! If you could, please share posts with your friends. It's all I ask!

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