Tuesday, June 6, 2023

Skullcruncher (Beast Battle Masters)

Adding some variety to the Rise of the Beasts toys in the aisle is Skullcruncher. This particular toy of Skullcruncher is a Beast Battle Master and turns into a cannon looking gun. If you take issue with the name reuses of Skullcruncher in this toy, the designed has said it was inspired by Gatoraider. I like to think that's who he's supposed to be.

However, as a fan of partner figures like this... I'm not really nit picking the name. I'm really enamored by the idea of an crocodile that turns into a gun. That's all sorts of neat. I like to think of a cartoon episode where Skullcruncher is used and shoots some swamp gas powered attack. If you have one of those blast effect thingies around, it can plug into the barrel of the cannon looking gun. Like other toys in this line, the gun can be held by most other figures or plugged into the ports present on some.

Neatly enough, the handle is also compatible with Armada style power link ports... which I noticed some on my Voyager Rhinox figure (more on him later). Skullcruncher is absolutely charming. His little gator mouth can open to bite your ass before turning into a gun and shooting it.

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