Sunday, June 11, 2023

Rise of the Beasts

I tend to see movies on opening weekend as opposed to opening day. I specifically perfer to see them on Sunday mornings to avoid a big crowd. That being said... I just saw Rise of the Beasts and boy are my arms tired... wait. So anyway, I'm here to talk about this movie today! Since this isn't a clickbait news site, there'll be no intentional spoilers. However I will be talking about some of my views of the movie, so there will likely be some. With that in mind, if your reading this on the main page, please continue after the break if you'd like. If you followed a link, fair warning.



Now that we've provided a safe space for the rest of the post, what did I think? I liked it! That was a super fun time. While this was the sequel to Bumblebee, there was more in common with the Michael Bay movies. All the big spectacle and flash returns... but not in a bad way. ROTB is a much better movie than those prior ones. There's alot more characterization with the robots and a whole lot more heart overall. The Transformers take center stage with the humans firmly working as co-stars in an actually coherent plot. To be honest, this felt like a big budget episode of a cartoon. There's some fun adventure to the movie, it's pretty great.

If I had anything to complain about, well, I wish the Maximals had more screen time. They got quite a bit, but definitely could have used more. Fortunately it served the plot. I noticed a fun Takara Easter Egg and enjoyed the Diaclone flavored exosuit. I definitely love Battletrap. The ending surprise was great. Really, a solid showing for the brand. This is the movie I wanted in the early 2000's when everyone was anticipating the upcoming movie. It's fun, entertaining, and represents Transformers well. I'll need to watch it again before deciding it's place on a personal favorites list.  However it's hard not to think of it as the best live action Transformers movie fresh from my first viewing. I know it's place in continuity is debated currently, but I'm firmly in the camp that Bumblebee was a reboot. This makes for a perfectly respectable film series to anchor the brand to. Thankfully all the anticipation for this movie didn't end in disappointment. Rise of the Beasts does Transformers proud and I'll be glad to get a copy when it's released.

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