Friday, June 2, 2023

Rhinox (Beast Alliance/Battle Changers)

We're back with another Rhinox toy this week and a pretty good one at that. Since I've spent a little time talking about the Bumblebee and Optimus Prime from the Battle Changers size class, I'm assuming you know my mind set on these going forward. Rhinox is the better of the three currently available in this wave. Thanks to his transformation, there's some additional knee articulation. That's a nice touch. There is some hollowness a discount priced Transformer is bound to have. You know, I'm mentally placing Battle Changers as a middle ground between an up scaled Legion/Legend class to and a Authentics figure. They're fun little toys for not a lot of money. I'm hoping for some crazy repaints.

Rhinox looks as he should, though noticeably darker because movie. I don't mind it at all though, it reminds by his Armada toy a little with these colors and reliance on gimmicks. That's not a bad comparison, to me anyway. I loved Armada and that Transmetal mold. Speaking of Transmetal... that's what these movie versions of the beast warriors make me think. There's a strong bio organic theme going on and Rhinox is a good example of it. Even in this more simple figure, you can really see it. I was always a fan of the Transmetal look and it's a good aesthetic for live action designs. Rhinox is a mixture of gray and silver with a little gold and green in robot mode. It's a simple color scheme, but it works well. If you're into customizing, he's a pretty good blank canvas.

Transformation is pretty easy and both modes are fairly simple. Like the other Battle Changers, Rhinox has a flip out weapon. Though his completely replaces a hand... awkward. However it spins! His trademark chain-gun of doom is represented here decently enough. If you pair it with his Battle Master version then there's so many chain-guns of doom! Ok... just two, but that's still a lot of doom. You could even plug another into his arms via ports! This is a pretty cool little figure. You may disagree and that's cool. Me though, I like it. Sure, the price is what I paid for the Transmetal Rhinox I bought 20 something years ago but... dang, that's a sticking point isn't it? Who can we blame? Inflation? Corporate greed? Dick Van Dyke? Yeah... fuck that guy.

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