Friday, May 12, 2023

Twincast with Rewind (Legacy Evolution)

I recently lucked up on Twincast and Rewind at my local Gamestop and eagerly purchased them. For the record, my local Gamestop is rather large, well run, and feels more like a small toy store than a traditional Gamestop. I'm quite aware others don't have that luxury... and find it kind of weird myself. Twincast happily came home with me and even though I have the Blaster and Eject this set is made from... they're sadly in a backlog of unopened toys. So this is my first time experiencing the mold in all it's glory. Twincast and Rewind are pretty much a straight repaint of the prior toys, thought Twincast does have a slight head remold. He's giving a slight wink, similar to his first appearance in the Headmasters cartoon. While I understand this incarnation's backstory is that of a failed clone by Shockwave... we all know who he's supposed to be.

It's easy to automatically think Twincast uses Radi-Casse Robo's colors, but he's actually quite different. The blue does make me mentally think Mico Change and I find myself forgetting the differences as well. Actually, both Microman versions are similar enough to the Transformers toys that a straight homage would probably get a lot of criticism. That's a shame, it's an exclusive version I'd like to see. Especially using this mold as a basis, because it's a great update to Blaster/Twincast. Pleasantly larger than a standard figure being a Voyager class and well articulated. His transformation into a boombox is pretty easily done. There is a little bit of panel forming that can make the process a bit fiddly if you don't get everything lined up just right, but I found it pretty simple. Rewind is, of course, much smaller but feels pretty well done. Like with Eject before him, Rewind is mostly cast in translucent plastic. That's a sticking point for some as the stuff tends to get brittle and crack in time, but it does look nice. 

Rewind of course turns into a cassette tape that fits in Twincast's tape deck via pressing the player's buttons. Doing so will cause the door to pop open, allowing for Rewind or any other to scale tape bots to fit in. I do love my cassette robots, really with I could have scored that Siege two pack that got released with the Micromasters a few years ago. Oh well, hopefully some more will find their way out. Blaster and Twincast could use a Ramhorn and Steeljaw. Twincast comes with his Electro-Scrambler rifle as did Blaster. It can store on the back of the stereo or held in either hand. His right hand is posed with an outwards finger to simulate pulling the trigger or pressing his tape deck buttons. It's a cool touch. Twincast is an Evolution toy, which means he features some for of combination gimmick as does the rest of the Legacy Evolution figures. Though being a mold from a prior line they try to sell storing the gun in alt mode as his Evo-Fusion ability on the back of the box. Yep.

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