Monday, May 1, 2023

Halfway 2 Halloween 2023!

Christmas in July... well, Halloween in May is only fair! While in the past I've kept the Halfway to Halloween a little light around the site seeing as everyday is Halloween on Planet Zone... but I can't take it anymore. The 3 months of Pumpkin Spiced Mayhem is so fun and I look forward to it all year long. So I decided to just do a mini version of it here to celebrate Halfway to Halloween! Over the years I've gotten a reputation for pulling out some pretty obscure stuff for the spooky season and don't worry... this years gonna be a doozy.

However, Halfway 2 Halloween is more about having some of that fun mid year... which considering stores aren't stocking giant fun sized bags of Snickers, you're relying on what's around the house and probably just enjoying some additional spooky fun. So for Halfway 2 Halloween, we'll be taking a more nostalgic look at the spooky season. I hope you enjoy it as I enjoy making it. The regular post structure will mirror the regular Halloween season though, with two regular posts and two bios interlaced with the seasonal fun. Obviously Weekly Halloween posts will be on pause for the time (because, duh). Thank you all for enjoying the mid year dip into all things pumpkin flavored with me. Now get your glow sticks out and pin something scary to your shorts, we're going trick or treating in spring.

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