Friday, April 21, 2023

Zone Beast

My excitement for Rise of the Beasts is nearing critical level. NGL, I'm gonna explode and take at least one hemisphere with me. As of this writing I don't have any of the toys from the movie (by the time you're reading this, I have), but they're starting to show up at stores and I am literally chomping at the bit. I normally get excited for a new line, but I haven't been this ecstatic in a VERY long time. I'm specifically excited for the mainline toys. The Studio Series releases are nice... and I'll likely get them... but I'm mostly focused on the mainline. It's a wonderful blend of all sorts of things I gravitate towards in Transformers toys.

I'm of course a huge Beast Wars fan, so the incorporation of it into the mix is of course a welcome one. Then you have partner figures that turn into weapons and armor. That's something I generally go crazy for. I was sad when Battle Masters went away... so seeing them return is just awesome. During the Bumblebee movie I had a LOT of fun with the Energon Igniters line and several of those toys are getting worked in as well with new characters to boot. Not to mention, as I've mentioned more recently... the economy is putting a strain on finances. Sure, I'm ok, but man it makes those ever climbing prices of Generations and Studio Series figures feel irresponsible. Thankfully the mainline figures are following a more economical route. So I can indulge and not feel guilty.

I tend to prefer smaller figures and there's seemingly plenty to choose from. Not to mention the larger Beast Mode figures. Silly, but they're making me think of Weaponizers from Prime or even Power Charge Bumblebee from the Bumblebee movie. I originally didn't intend to get that toy, however it was a Christmas gift from my mother that year. It went on to be one of my favorite Transformers releases that year. This looks like an almost completely positive experience for me. Hopefully the movies good, and I'm prepared for it not to be... but *fingers crossed*. I enjoyed Bumblebee so much that I'm riding into this one on a high note.

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