Monday, April 10, 2023

Replay: It's Monday

It's Monday yet again, and that means a new week on Planet Zone! This weekend we celebrated Easter. I had a basket full of goodies for my wife and she had an egg search planned for me. She filled 40 eggs with Botbots and Million Warriors that I had to find. There was even a TMNT minifigure in the mix. It was certainly a fun morning. 

Saturday was a cold and rainy day. A trip to Walmart resulted in Koopa Para Troopa, Toad, and Princess Peach from Super Mario mini world. I wanted to watch the Super Mario Bros movie, but didn't have time. I hope to see it soon, but frankly, it may be one of the movies that holds out for in demand. Seeing as their on apps within 45 days, it's not to hard to be patient. I did spend a good deal playing various pinball games on my Q90. Devil's Crush, Pokémon Pinball, and Pinball of the Dead were a lot of fun.

I still haven't found any Rise of the Beasts toys, it looks like my stores are following street dates. Somehow the same folks who have stuff given to them by big companies are getting them early. Funny how that works. This little podunk site works for everything and just renewed site registration for another year without a single ad or donation request. Thanks to each and everyone of you for reading Zone Base. I know it's not one of those big fancy sites, but it appreciates you reading. I've got a fun week in store. If you like what I do, please share with your friends! It's literally all I ask!

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