Monday, March 20, 2023

Toylanta Week is here!

It's not just the beginning of a new week here on Planet Zone, but the start of Toylanta week here on Planet Zone! That right, the great toy show is here and I'm hella excited. This week will be a little different. I'll be updating all weekend after each day at the show. Just to give me a little break before the show, we're going to have an all bios week. Since it's such a special con week, we'll focus on some special toys. 

Transformers Action Masters Elites were a set of Action Masters that transformed unlike the rest of their ilk. Toylanta gives us a chance to really appreciate the more special side of our hobbies. So I don't see a better time to appreciate a special little set of toys. Check back each day leading up to the great toy show and my ongoing reports. Thank you for continuing to read Zone Base and please share with your friends!

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