Monday, February 13, 2023

Hope your week is the bomb

It's Monday, time for a new week on Planet Zone! I spent my weekend doing a lot of running around. Did some shopping Saturday and a family dinner at Olive Garden on Sunday. We were celebrating both my older brother and his daughter's birthdays this coming week. I've always liked Olive Garden, so it was definitely an enjoyable meal. The Super Bowl was this weekend... and I'm not a sports fan. Of course the various released trailers were alot of fun. I saw them online of course. I'm so excited for Rise of the Beasts that it's getting critical level. There may be an explosion before the movie gets here.

I also enjoyed a good bit of tokusatsu and kaiju this weekend. In part of anti-Super Bowl programming several channels ran specific marathons. I took in Tokushoutsu and Daikaiju TV's various offerings and had a lot of fun doing so. Was really enjoying Gameboy games via the new Switch Online Gameboy channel and on my emulation handhelds. Real ones know.

Put in some quality time with the Digivice. I've been running a pretty successful team of Greymons for a week now. They pooped a whole lot though. It honestly got to be a game of poop management moreso than battles. Sunday morning, one just up and died. I have no clue why, but suddenly the funeral march started blasting and there was a gravestone next to a mountain of poop.

That ones egg sat around during the entirety of the Digimon I talked about last weeks lifespan, so I think old age sat in quicker than I was expecting. I think after this current Greymon I have left passes, I may play another Tamagotchi. I want a Digimon X, but think I'll get an R2-D2 Tamagotchi and play it for awhile. Take a break in battling, you know? Great portable fun.

As far as toys, I got a pretty good bit. Earth Spark Flip Changer (that I've been wrongfully calling Turbochangers) Swindle, Tacticon Optimus Prime, Velocitron Crasher (just one more Velocitron to go!), and MOTU Origins Mantenna. The Walmart I was at had plenty of Earth Spark, but I was trying to keep my spending under my self governed weekly amount.

I definitely want some warrior class figures and more flip changers and tacticons. I'm really all about some Earth Spark. I'm having alot of fun thinking about the G1 cartoon connection. Even if it's just for appearances and not super in depth, there's a lot of mental ground that can be considered. Think about various extensions of the original cartoon. Takara's seasons, various tie-in manga like Legends, fan club comics. Then try to mentally make it work with Earth Spark. It's fun... and potentially more interesting for me in that aspect even though the Earth Spark show is so good.

I didn't intend for this post to be as long as it was, and I'm not sorry for that. Sometimes it's just fun to write, even with my various grammer mistakes and aggrivations from typing on my phone while drinking coffee. I hope everyone has a great week. I've got some fun posts planned, if you can, please share them with your friends. I'd really appreciate it. If the clip at the top of the post looks fun, it is! Bomber King was also released as Robo Warrior. The Gameboy version was released as Blaster Master Boy (or Jr. depending on region). Give it a play if you've got the time, it's pretty good.

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