Monday, February 27, 2023

Burning New Week

A new week is here, and with it... I dunno. I had a pretty good weekend. The weather has been pretty nice latley so I took the opportunity to grill out Sunday. I'm not sure if an early spring is setting in this year, but I'll enjoy a relaxing afternoon around the grill cooking some good food. Did some shopping Saturday, resulting in a new pair of Hey Dudes. I've always been a sneaker guy, but these little shoes might have me finally changing my ways. The Mrs got me a great pair for Christmas and now we're at two pair. The times are changing I guess.

As far as toys go, I got some fun stuff. A trip by the Dollar Tree resulted in finally finding some new Final Faction figures. I got 4 of the new Venom series Kharn toys. Just need 2 more and to find the Elite series. A stop by TJ Maxx provided a Lightyear Hyperspeed series buggy set. I'd been hoping to find those since seeing other Inchman posts on Instagram using them. Walmart didn't have anything I've been looking for, so I took the occasion to order some Beastbox. Got the new rabbit set (just in time for Easter) and the Godzilla flavored SubZero figure. My Mom came by Sunday for the cook out and gifted me the new Talon Fighter (Netflix CGI He-Man) and a Bakugan set she found on clearance.

There's a new episode of Transform Squadron avaliable for your listening pleasure. I hope it helps you get this week going. I've got some fun stuff planned for you all this week as usual. Thank you for continuing to support Zone Base. It may be just a podunk little fan blog, but it's mine and I appreciate you all reading. Please don't forget to share with your friends. I don't ask much. No ads or hand outs required, but it'd be great for more people to enjoy this fun stuff with me.

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