Monday, February 20, 2023

Aiming for a good Week

Another Monday has cursed us with it's presence, but at least a new week on Planet Zone is here to ... I dunno, do something. Like you all, I wish there was more weekend to enjoy. Such is life I guess, and if it means anything, I've got a fun week of posts to hopefully help get you to next weekend. 

As far as toys go, I got a few. Transformers Earth Spark warrior class Optimus Prime and Tacticons Bumblebee and Megatron. I originally planned to get just a few Tacticons... and since getting Optimus last week... I'm hooked. They give me Mini-Con energy and that's all it took. They're surprisingly fun, simple little bots. Hopefully they'll be as fun to collect as Mini-Cons were.

I stated off Sunday waking up early and watching Tokushoutsu. I do love that channel and Sunday morning just the proper time to indulge in it. A stop by Five Below later provided a little extra fun. I picked up another copy of the Yokaiden manga... I still haven't read the last one, but I do love some yokai. It's February and hankering for Halloween is running wild in my heart. So of course spooky shit is more than welcome. 

The store also had a new surprise for me. Bakugan figurines! Instead of the normal changing little orbs, figurines of a few Bakugan as they appear on the show. I got a white and blue Hydorous. The figures are sold in two alternate colors and come with cards and coins. Pretty neat! I should get this week started, there'sstuff to do. Thanks to everyone for reading. If you could, please share my posts with your friends. That'd be awesome.

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