Monday, January 30, 2023

Weekly Update- 1/30/23

Unfortunately the weekend has ended, but that just means a new week here on Planet Zone! I spent this weekend mostly at home aside from some shopping. I had intended to get some put off housework done, but that didn't happen. I did manage to pick up some fun stuff. Two Micro Galaxy Squadron blind boxes, two of the new way cool Dungeons and Dragons Dicelings (way cool D&D monsters that transform into dice), Studio Series Core class Laserbeak, a copy of Yokaiden book 2 (Five Below has good deals on manga), and Terror Claws Skeletor from MOTU Origins (random luck at Big Lots). It's the beginning of the year. Stock can be low, but I found some good stuff.

I also ordered a carrying case for my Digimon. The Mrs got me a 20th anniversary unit for Christmas and it's been fun to play again after all these years. I intend to get one of the Digimon X units later. I always liked lcd gadgets and had fun with virtual pets back in the day. This is just a great portable RPG. Now I can carry it around without getting it dirty. I watched some good TV. Lots of paranormal TV and the new episode of 1000lbs Sisters (it's surprisingly addictive, ok). Also finally watched My Amityville Horror. It's a documentary about the oldest Lutz child including various interviews with news personalities that handled the case and therapists. It doesn't try to convince you if it really happened or didn't. Just sort of a look at this persons life and everything that happened because of it. Pretty interesting. I also worked in a viewing of Garfield's Halloween Adventure... look, you know how this works.

I've got a fun week in store for you all. Thank you so much for reading Zone Base. If you like what I'm doing, please share posts with your friends. I've got some chores to do and this Digimon has sone fighting to do! Have a great week!

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