Monday, January 16, 2023

Weekly Update- 1/16/23

Another week has begun here on Planet Zone! I hope everyone had a good weekend, personally I'm a little bummed mines over. I had intended to do some more housework... but somehow just played with a Digimon between reading manga and opening toys from the backlog. Speaking of toys, I picked up some cool stuff this weekend. Walmart had the new 1986 movie version of G1 Starscream. I've got a few different versions of the classic mold, including an anime version released about 20 years ago. However this one is much better matched to his cartoon appearance. I'm looking forward to the others like this. 

I also picked up Neo Trox from the new Bakugan Evolutions line. The Mrs. got me a bunch of those for Christmas and I'm still working them into my Bakugan case. I definitely need a new one as mine is running out of room. A stop by Target lead to Turbochangers Bumblebee from Earth Spark. They had a few more, but I'll grab those next week. I try to keep my toy purchases around 50$ each week. It's easy to spend too much real fast when it comes to toys. With inflation as bad as it is right now... dang.

My Mom stopped by Sunday for a little while and dropped off some clearance finds she grabbed for me. Battle Armor He-Man from the newer Netflix show and Override from the Velocitron Speedia collection. Shawn had already sent me one a while back, so I'll either have another or find a use for this one. Hopefully Crasher and the Drag Strip repaint show up soon. I've got Galaxy Shuttle and I'd love to complete the series. Hopefully there's a release of Motormaster too. I never found one of him and I'd love to complete the Stunticons. 

In just a few minutes, I'll be recording this months episode of Transform Squadron. I hope it gets published soon, but more importantly, I hope listeners like it. Speaking of this week, I've got a fun week in mind for you all. Thanks for continuing to support Zone Base. I know this isn't some big fan site chock full of ads, but it's my weirdo thing. If you like what I'm doing, please share my posts with your friends. I don't make any money off this site, but I'd appreciate folks reading anyway!

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