Wednesday, January 4, 2023

Weekly Halloween~ Won't you take me to Spooky Town?

Real ones know Halloween doesn't end. Oh, sure, the actual holiday comes to an end... but everything that goes into it never stops. November 1st is the clock resseting for next year. January is when many companies start soliciting their wares for the upcoming season. Octobers maybe 10 months away, but it takes alot of early planning to get all that scary stuff in stores by then. It's a lot of fun for somebody like me who loves and breathes the holiday all year... and I'm assuming you reading this as the spooky stuff gets the most site hits.

Leemax has recently unveiled their 2023 Spooky Town lineup. Spooky Town is a Halloween tradion for most that is part of the early seasonal kick off that starts showing up late summer during Code Orange mania. This year looks to be a banner year for the town where all things are spooky.

I'm particuallry intersted in the 'Trick or Treat, if you dare' house. It's a wonderful suburban house decorated for Halloween with a home haunt in the garage. Simple, but perfectly represents the holiday. The 'Full Moon Diner' is a resturant staffed by werewolves. It's a silly take on those greasy all night joints straight out of an episode of Goosebumps. 'Skeleton Cottage' is a simple shack, like the ones you might find on the side of a rural road. However excellently themed with pumpkins and constructed partially with bones. It's a pretty artistic design is impressivley well done. There's a lot to see on the site and I'm sure more will be unveiled as the year goes by. I'm pretty fond of the smaller figure sets meant to populate your own Spooky Town with scary civilians. It's just the beginning of the year as I'm writing this, but Halloween is already off to a great start.

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