Friday, January 27, 2023

G.H.O.S.T. Megatron in Deluxe Missions

It's not often that I like a Megatron enough to actively pursue a figure of him (outside of beast era). It's not that I dislike him, it's just that I vastly prefer other Decepticon leaders. That being said, I really enjoy the Earth Spark version of Megatron. The bad guy turned good gimmick has been used before, but I kinda like it this time. After all, most bad guys don't think they're doing bad. Earth Spark seemingly follows the G1 cartoon (thematically, it's not a super definitive relation) with Optimus Prime and a reformed Megatron (he's changed his ways... but it's still him) working with the Earth military organization named G.H.O.S.T. (whose symbol I REALLY like).

This is the deluxe class toy of Earth Spark Megatron and a pretty decent representation of his on screen character. I very much like the mixture of classic Megatron with a decidedly more heroic look. Clearly the same guy, but those hard lines are softened. It's a good look. In this version, Megatron transforms into a tiltrotor/osprey type vehicle. It's an oddly fitting alt mode for a flying vehicular form. As a weapon, Megatron is carrying a variation of his trademark Fusion Cannon. It can be held in hand or arm mounted traditionally. The cannon splits in half to be part of the tiltrotor's wings. It's pretty impressive how everything comes together uniformly.

The toy transforms pretty easily, though I did get stuck in a few places. Nothing major, just getting it right types of mistakes. Robot mode is pleasantly articulated, though some of the alt mode kibble will need to be adjusted at times. Like Cyberverse deluxe toys, Megatron comes with a build-a-figure piece. Specifically Mandroid in this case and Mandroid's left arm with this toy. I'm not sure if I'll complete this figure as my focus with Earth Spark toys will likely be warrior class and turbo changers. In case it's not obvious... I like this toy. He's perfectly satisfactory on all fronts. I'm sure others may take issues with things and that's fine. For me... he just works. This is a good toy of Megatron with a slightly different take than you expect coming in.

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