Monday, December 12, 2022

Weekly Update- 12/12/22

The weekend is over, but at least a new week on Planet Zone is here! Yeah, I don't blame you. I'd like more weekend too. I spent mine with the Mrs showing my mother a good time for her birthday. We went looking at Christmas lights and generally enjoyed life. I didn't really get myself anything as usual during the Christmas season, but did grab a Jurrasic World mini and Sonic the Hedgehog figurine. I on and off buy the minis. They're a lot of fun, and buy the occasional inexpensive video game figures Jazwares makes. They're a great little representation of the characters I love without costing very much money. That's important this time of the year.

It's Christmas, so I got to have the occasional clarification of Transformers and other robots. The Mrs and the mother tolerate my hobbies, but it can be confusing for people outside of the robot world. Next weekend will be spent doing one more massive shopping trip before the big day. We're going to be exhausted, but the madness is all part of the fun I suppose. Speaking of fun, I've got a fun week in store for you readers. Hopefully the new episode of Transform Squadron will get posted this week for your listening pleasure as well. If you could, would you mind sharing the site with your friends? This isn't one of those big mega sites bankrolled by the big companies, just a labor of love by a crazy fan. It's all I ask that others help spread the word. Thank you for supporting Zone Base. It's super awesome that you do.

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