Monday, October 3, 2022

Weekly Update: 10/3/22

Time for another week here on Planet Zone! Thanks everyone for coming back for more robots, monsters, and misadventure! It's officially October and we've only got one more month of Pumpkin Spiced Mayhem. I guess it's time to turn up the spooky dial up! Thanks for supporting the site and continuing to read my badly written nonsense. Don't forget to share with your friends!

I decorated my yard for Halloween this weekend. Well, mostly, I'll add more as the big day draws near. Turning your front yard into a spook show is fun, but a nightmare to keep up with for a month. So stay tuned! As far as toys go, I bought Legacy Elita-1 and a Gundam Mobile Suit Ensemble blind box from Target. I got the G-Fighter. I really wanted the Unicorn Gundam, but I'm happy with what I got. I'd like to complete the series. Couldn't find any Halloween Kinder Surprise eggs, just 3 more to go to complete this years set. Wish me luck! A stop by the Dollar Tree resulted in the new series of Transformers mini figures. They're similar to the prior set, just smaller.

I also found the last Final Faction accessory pack I needed for now. I thought I had caught up with them prior before realizing I was short one. A later stop by Pop Shelf resulted in a Kirby blind bag. The figures are of Kirby in his various forms and I'm honestly not sure what the one I got is called. I've seen if before, but not sure what it's called. He's angry and has a big purple poof coming out of his head. I dunno, goes that way sometimes. 

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