Monday, September 26, 2022

Weekly Update 9/26/22

Thanks for coming back for another week on Planet Zone! It's the last week of September meaning we've got one more month of Halloween fun! Since it'll actually be October, it's gonna be extra spooky! I had a fun weekend that I wish wasn't over already. The Mrs picked up Legacy  Tarrantulas for me Friday night on a Target run for cat food. Saturday while picking up our grocery order I finally found Studio Series Spike. I love a good Core Class toy. We spent most of the weekend at home, but Sunday we stepped out for a Squishmallow event at Five Below and I grabbed Gorthion from the Bakugan Mystic Pack set they sell there. I neek to research some of the molds they use there as I think some of those versions need to come home with me! I've got a fun week planned for you Zone Base readers. Thanks so much for continuing to support the site. As usual, I don't ask anything from you. No ads, no begging, and no capitalizing. All I ask is that you share with your friends. It's fun that way!

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