Monday, September 19, 2022

Weekly Update: 9/19/22

It's a new week here on Planet Zone and with it a whole new week of robots, monsters, and misadventure! Does the place look different? Or does it look familiar? Well, the 'new' Zone Base look never quite sat right with me. So, no time better than to go back to the classic look than Halloween! Bio week was fun, but also gave me a little extra time to rework the site. It may look like it used to, but I made a few more improvements while at it. Hope you all like the return to the Zone Base of yesterday! We're halfway through Halloween already (somehow), but don't worry, there's still half a season of Pumpkin Spiced Mayhem to go! I've got a fun week of spooky shit to go along with the regular content that's sure to be a lot of fun! Make sure you share with your friends so they can wonder what's wrong with me too!

This I lucked out as far as toys go. Saturday brought this years Halloween Hot Wheels set and a bunch of Eternia Minis I'd been looking for. I only intended to get the Mrs some exclusive Squishmallows at that Kroger and walked away happily. Super Powers Superman and two Micro Galaxy Squadron blind boxes were bought at Walmart. While running out to get some cat food Sunday, the Mrs picked up Jhiaxus and Perceptor from Target. Overall a pretty good haul! Now that I finally found those blind boxes, I can let myself buy the full sized toys. Don't ask me why I set that rule for myself, I just did and it was a fun mission to partake.

Oh, the boxes wielded The Mandelorian with the speeder bike he had in episode 2. Guess it was a speeder bike kinda day, because the other box had a Biker Scout with a Speeder Bike. Super cool! I wasn't sure if I wanted to complete the new Super Powers line... but I just might. Two figures in and I'm super happy. Eternia Minis are allegedly ending and that makes me sad. Hopefully I'll find more like I did this weekend. I'd been looking for Perceptor and Jhiaxus, so its nice to finally have them. Specially an accurate Jhiaxus, I was ok with his other toys, but it's great to have the one I've wanted all this time. I've always really liked Perceptor, so it's only natural to want this figure. I get the Halloween Hot Wheels set every year and was happy to this year as well. It's a simple tradition, but a fun one. 

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