Wednesday, September 21, 2022

Mobile Doozy Gobot

I recently got the Mobile Change Haro toys that I've talked about earlier. This lead me down a weird rabbit hole that I thought would make a good post here. I might be wrong about that, it might be a terrible post. Either way, it's a post and it's here. I've talked about Doozy Bots before, but just in case you're not in the know- Doozy Bots was an early 90's attempt to bring Gundam to the US. It would have used SD Gundam designs and had a new cartoon that was pretty similar to cartoons like Captain N that were popular at the time. Let's watch the pitch reel again.

I've said it before and I'll say it again. I would have loved this. I know me, and I remember the me I was then. Doozy Bots would have and likely still be my jam. I like Gundam, but I'm not super invested in the fiction. It's mostly thinking the robots are cool. I'll buy a toy or Gunpla and play the occasional game because I like the robots. I don't follow the cartoons super heavy though. I did really like SD Gundam and can tell I would have loved Doozy Bots. I would still love Doozy Bots. So, what if Doozy Bots would have actually happened? Like... say there was a timeline or there's an alternate timeline going on right now... and these way cool Mobile Change Haro figures are newer Doozy Bots toys... whoa...

Neat thought huh? Like, what toys would have came from Doozy Bots over all this time since the show would have been released? I was thinking about Micro Machines the other day. There's a Doozy Bot timeline that we could/should have lived in. There's one happening a version of us is living in. But since we're talking alternate timelines...

To some of you, that might feel like some relic from an alternate reality. It's the intro to a season of Gobots that aired in France. Machine Robo: Revenge of Chronos was dubbed and made into a new season of Challenge of the Gobots. Pretty far out huh? I love my Gobots, you all know that. I'm sure some of you love them too. Unfortunately Gobots just wasn't as big of a hit as Transformers was. Machine Robo is ongoing, and I still refer to them as Gobots out of a mental 'what if?'. As in... what if Gobots would have kept going? Well, Machine Robo toys would likely still be released as Gobots in America and other countries. Know what else would have been? Other Bandai robots.

Mighty Orbots was (unfortunately) pretty much sued out of existence because it resembled God Mars a little too much. You see Tonka had licensed God Mars to be used in Gobots. Tonka actually licensed a bunch of Bandai robots to be future Gobots. Even Super Sentai mecha, you know Megazords, were intended to be Gobots if history would have went in Tonkas direction. That leads us to another set of 'what if?' scenarios. There's an alternate timeline out there where Gobots is on going. Bandai molds get a lot of use in that reality and we're loving the current Gobots Legacy toy line.

So in that (awesome) alternate reality... did Power Rangers happen? Are what we know as Megazords Gobot combiners there? That reality where Doozy Bots happened... are there Gobots? Is Doozy Bots a season of Gobots? Is Power Rangers a live action Gobots series? Is there a Machine Robo season turned onto a Power Ranger cartoon? Are Gundams Gobots? There are a million variations of this idea I could go into, but I think you see my point. It's fun to think about what could have been or what might be in one or another alternate realities than the one we're living in. Man, what of THAT Mandela Effect happened?

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