Thursday, September 8, 2022

Bios: Deathsaurus

"Glory of death for my enemies, glory of victory for me!"

Function: Decepticon General

Profile: After his defeat centuries ago by the Autobot Star Saber, Deathsaurus was recreated as one of the Generals in the Decepticon army. Having led many successful campaigns, he became frustrated as the Autobots and Maximals began to overwhelm the Decepticon/Predacon Alliance. His ultimate goal is to re-establish his title of Emperor of Destruction and return the Decepticon Empire to its former prominence. Savage, cruel and brilliant, Deathsaurus should never be underestimated. Deathsaurus hopes to use his Insecticon Clones to increase his power base.

Abilities: Deathsaurus' new form was engineered to have six distinct transforms including a dragon mode, an aerial vehicle mode and a high-speed ground mode. These forms, along with his dual Timelines blade weapon make him a formidable foe. Utilizing the unique materials in his wings, he can convert sunlight into dark energy, which will corrode any type of metal upon contact. Deathsaurus is one of the strongest Decepticons.

Weakness: Deathsaurus' arrogance allows him to believe his plans are fool proof, causing him to sometimes overlook potential flaws.

Strength: 9 Intelligence: 8 Speed: 7.6 Endurance: 9.2 Rank: 9 Courage: 8.5 Fireblast: 8.3 Skill: 8.7

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